Raising children on a farm can really be good for them

Many people choose to leave their farms and move from the rural settings to the bigger cities because of their kids. This can be due to the lack of proper or any schools, hospitals or other important parts of the infrastructure.

But the fact is that there are big benefits of raising kids at the farm as well.

Here are some of the advantages for you and your children if you choose to raise them as farm kids:

  1. Development of strong family bonds

Being located in a rural area or on a farm which is far from other children creates stronger family bonds among the children in a family and among all family members. This is due to the fact that they spend more time together, and rely on each other for just about anything day and night. There is no better way to create a strong bond between siblings than by ensuring that they play together, help with the farm work and gather together with the family for all family meals.

  1. They learn to respect the elders and animals

Spending so much time with the family and around the animals helps children learn to respect them more. Watching farm animals being taken care of and helping with the task no doubt builds a stronger love and appreciation for God’s creations.

  1. Farm life nurtures creativity

Because often they don’t have other children to play with or places to go and spend time entertaining themselves, kids who live in farms need to use their imagination more to find ways to enjoy themselves and spend their time. This helps develop the imagination and creativity which are so important for any child and adult and can help them in their future life.

  1. They learn important life skills

Children who grow up on a farm get to learn how food is made and where it comes from at a very early age. They also often participate in the raising or making of the food, which is one life skill that city kids rarely get to learn from such an early age.

  1. Better work ethics

At a farm, the animals rely on the humans to take care of them. This helps children learn that it is important to tend to the needs of the animals or look after the crops before going ahead and taking care of their own needs.

Also, every day there is something to do at the farm, so the kids learn that working on a daily basis is something natural.

Of course, the children do need some play time, and days off of work, but in general farm, kids are much better with understanding and coping with work and errands than those in the city.

  1. Better health

At a farm, it is inevitable that the children will get dirty while working or playing outdoors or when helping with the animals. But this contributes to a better developed and stronger immune system as well. Farm kids grow up to be tougher and more resistant to viruses and other illnesses due to bacteria or other pathogens.

Plus, they breathe fresher air and are much less stressed because they spend so much time outdoors and away from harmful pollution and other stress factors.

Overall, there are pros and cons to raising your kids on a farm, so take a moment to consider whether you want to move them to a big town for their own good after all.

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