9 Fun Ideas to Spend More Happy Time with your Kids

Life on the farm is hard work. Sometimes we forget we need fun to thrive. Plan fun nights/days with your kids. Here are my 10 Craft ideas that you can make together with the tiny humans:

  1. Go outdoors for a picnic. Let your kids fill the basket with foods they like and see fit. It would be nice if you show them the first time what hey need to take and show them the bare necessities such as a blanket, basket and utensils, water and food and let their imagination do the rest
  2. Read books about the animals on the farm. Make paper figures of the said animals and color them together. Show them other animals they can make – my son enjoyed making small owls in different colors
  3. Make paper snowflakes before Christmas together. Show your little ones how to seatch for printables on the internet and let them choose what snowflakes you are going to make. Competition is fun and they will remember the time you spent together. we are still using the snowflakes we made 5 years ago and have great memories when we open the Christmas box full of decorations
  4. Make a small horse stable together for their horse figures. Use small pieces of wood and assemble the stable
  5. Make tents using blankets in the garden. Show them how to tie ropes on the trees and throw the blankets on the top. Alternatively, you can make the tent from scratch using just 2 long pieces of fabric and sew them together. This doubles as a great BIG first sewing project. If you are crafty enough you can teach your children to sew and sew together. There are really cute sewing machine for kids such as hello kitty by Jenome. They are a ton of easy things you can sew together – from bookmarks and keyrings to skirts
  6. Playing with water is always fun for everyone. Fill balloons with water and let the family war start. By the end you will be soaking wet but would definitely have the time of your life.
  7. Alternatively you can teach your kids how to milk the cows using a rubber glove. Just poke a small hole in each finger and let them try
  8. If your kids are little, it is a great idea to make them farm montessory trays so they can learn the farm animals
  9. You can ask your bigger kids to help you with the carpentry around the house and actually let them fix the nails

And don’t forget to actually enjoy your time together. Don’t focus too much on doing this exactly this or that way. Relax and have fun

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